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What is the custom duty etc on import of safety shoes ?

I want to import safety shoes from china to market them in india. What custom duty plus duties I shall have to pay on them.

What is the custom duty etc on import of safety shoes ?
Safety shoes are exempt from duties and import quotas in all countries. Just box up a bunch of them and ship them wherever you want...there shouldn%26#039;t be a problem.
Reply:You will need to check with Customs.

In most cases you will only be charged duty if you are importing for finiancial gain or importing in quantaties over the countries personal use limit.

But this is not the case for all countries or all products.


Different stages involved in the manufacture of industrial safety shoes ??

Whats the difference between the Goodyear Welted, Cemented and direct injection safety shoes ??

Different stages involved in the manufacture of industrial safety shoes ??
Yeah OSHA has all specs for safety gears, the welted one i dont know, the cemented one means sole and upper sole (leather part) are sticked together, where as direct injected PU sole (poly urethean (spell not sure)) means the Sole is moulded to the upper sole.
Reply:I don%26#039;t know, but if they follow the ASTM Z41 spec they are all essentially the same. My guess is from the names is that one has the hard toe as a continuous part of the shoe top, whereas the other is just a hard metal or plastic insert sewn in place.

Read the spec if you%26#039;re bored.


Can my employer force me to wear safety shoes?

Im on my feet all day and so i currently wear comfortable trainers but ive just been told i now have to wear safety shoes which are big and heavy and look really uncomfortable. Can i refuse to wear them? ive heard somewhere you can opt out of wearing them if you sign something to say you wont put a claim in if anything happens. Does anyone know if this is true cos if it is im going to do it.

Can my employer force me to wear safety shoes?
You are allowed to refuse and your boss is allowed to fire you for not following workplace safety guidelines.


Comfortable ones probably cost around 100 dollars, but you can get some that cost less than that.
Reply:I used to be a union representative, Yes companies have the right to make you wear safty equiment as they see fit an needed according to OSHA requlations, But companies usually pay for or towards safty shoes
Reply:If the company deems it necessary, you will have to wear them. It may not just be them either. OSHA could have passed the rule down and if your company doesn%26#039;t comply, they could be fined. There are a lot of comfortable shoes out there designed for safety in the workplace plus the inserts you can put in for added comfort. Hope this helps!!
Reply:depends, ask if you can sign something. Usuallly OSHA regualtions will require employers to enforce certain saftey equipment for employees to wear. Depends on what job you do. If you have to try to work with your employer to find saftey shoes that may be a little more comftorable for you to wear. Take a survey of all the employees and see what they think
Reply:of course...its for your own sake too...don%26#039;t be stubborn...

you chose to work to them so you have the responsibility to follow their rules...

if u don%26#039;t like wearing safety shoes...its much better for u to resign and find another employer that allows you to do what you wanted...
Reply:I wouldn%26#039;t if I were you. If you refuse to wear them you can be suspended from work, or even fired legally. The Workplace Health and Safety Act (in Canada, can be found under similar names in most countries) is designed to protect workers in unsafe working conditions. If something were to fall on your foot while you%26#039;re wearing your %26#039;comfortable trainers%26#039; and you were to be injured, you could literally be out of work for the rest of your life, barely scraping by with disability payments. It%26#039;s so much easier just to put up with the boots and avoid that!

I used to wear workboots, and I wore two pairs of socks; a thick padded sport sock first, then another ankle sock for extra padding. You can also buy insoles to put in the boots. They%26#039;re clunky and you have to get used to them, but eventually they%26#039;re just another part of the job. Also ask your employer if you can wear safety shoes instead of safety boots. They%26#039;re usually lighter, though they don%26#039;t offer as much protection.


Works regulations who is responsible to provide safety shoes at work the employer or the employee?

my employer has been paying toward the cost of safety shoes since he made the decision that we should all wear them. he has now decided that we should all wear a uniform although no one wants them he is stopping the payment for safety shoes to cover the cost of uniforms can he do this

Works regulations who is responsible to provide safety shoes at work the employer or the employee?
Your employer has to provide safety shoes if:

1. he requires the employee to wear them.

2. A risk assessment finds it necessary to wear them.

In these 2 cases it is illegal (in the UK) for the employer to ask the employee to buy his own safety equipment.

He can price up a basic set of safety shoes, then get the employee to pay the difference if he/ she fancies a more expensive pair, although the Personal Protective Equipment Regs state that the PPE must be suitable for the purpose, and suitable for the person (ergonomically).

Fashionability does not constitute suitability for the person.
Reply:Depends on your contract of employment which should state who is responsible if you do have to wear safety gear
Reply:simon c and knowitall have the right answers.
Reply:H%26amp;SE rules..In fact LAW

The employer MUST provide you with PPE..(Personal Protective Equipment)..at his cost.

This includes safety shoes and any other type of overalls or clothing.
Reply:employers can decide how to spend there money,If I was you I%26#039;ed be thinking how lucky I was to have a employer that will provide something,I don%26#039;t get safty shows clothing a canteen just low pay and hard work,perhaps you will be allowed to cliam against your tax,all get togather and agree to set up a fighting fund
Reply:Short answer:

No, he can%26#039;t. He has to pay for the uniforms and for the shoes if he decides the employees have to wear them.
Reply:you need a union......GO TEAMSTERS!!!!
Reply:If you are in the UK then safety gear has to be provided by the employer. End of story.
Reply:Employers are obliged to provide safety equipment at work, including safety shoes if your work place requires them - if you%26#039;re in a shop, no; if you%26#039;re on a factory floor, probably yes.

There are a number of relevant Acts and regulations; the Health %26amp; Safety at Work Act 1974; and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) are the most appropriate.

I should add that just because your employer contributed to safety footwear in the past it does not mean they are legally obliged to do so - but it%26#039;s a good indicator.
Reply:It depends entirely on whether or not it is specified what you should wear. In the construction industry, some companies require steel-toed boots, but they don%26#039;t care what kind. So, if it is your choice, they do not have to reimburse you. If you work at a fast food restaurant and they say you have to wear khaki%26#039;s, but no brand is specified, then you have to buy them - not the company. But, if they say you have to wear black Ben Davis pants, or you must wear Red Wings boots, or anything specific, then, they are required to supply them (or reimburse you for the cost).
Reply:Depends on whether you have a contract that says he will pay for them. Your employer is not required by law to pay for your shoes. You can however deduct them on your taxes if you are paying for them and not reimbursed.
Reply:By first subsidising the cost of safety shoes, the employer has set what is regarded as an %26#039;historical precedent%26#039;. His intent was to pay for the cost of required PPE. As required by law. However, the law does not stipulate how often and how much the company has to pay. There has been a move by most companies to %26#039;allow%26#039; a certain amount toward the purchase of safety shoes. This is generally done by sampling the avg. cost provided by local companies. Employees tend to abuse programs like this. Uniforms can be considered PPE, if you work in an environment where fibre content is important. Welding operations for example forbid poly fibres. Electronic assembly wants you to wear fibres that are not static sensitive. If your employer has an assessment that suggests shoes are required PPE, then he HAS to fund the initial cost, and training, and provide reasonable replenishment.
Reply:all PPE should be provided by the employer,that includes uniform,boots,safety glassess,gloves.


Industrial safety shoes by injection moulding process maufacturers in india?

we need names,addresses and email address of all industrial safety shoes manufacturers by injection moulding process

Industrial safety shoes by injection moulding process maufacturers in india?
Try the telephone book.


Safety Shoes.?

Where in Melbourne or on an aussie online site can I find a good pair of safety sneakers? They need to be in women%26#039;s sizes as I am a women%26#039;s size 5.

Safety Shoes.?
what are saftey shoes?
Reply:safety shoes? what are those?

car audio

Safety shoes?

I have worn dansko%26#039;s for a few years and love them. I know that they ARE OSHA approved, but am wondering what other shoes are approved as well. I recently as a gift was given a pair of L.L. Bean clogs identical to my dansko%26#039;s but fear to wear them if they are not OSHA approved. does anyone know if they are or is their a list online at all stating what shoes are and arent? I work in a restaurant and its mandatory, so any insight would be appreciated!

Safety shoes?
OSHA doesn%26#039;t approve anything. Standards for personal protective equipment are established by ANSI, manufacturers of PPE can only state they meet ANSI standards.

Appropriate foot ware for most restaurants would include closed toes and slip resistant soles unless your workplace demands steel toe shoes. Ask your supervisor for the exact specification they want for safety shoes.

The best place for safety shoes for the restaurant business is shoesforcrews, they have ultra lightweight and comfortable shoes and they are all slip resistant and designed for food service. If you don%26#039;t like buying shoes over the internet or through a catalog try your local Iron Age/Knapp shoe store. They have branches all over and they have many styles to choose from, including some made by popular manufacturers.
Reply:i would look on the osha website.
Reply:Redwing makes steel-toed shoes:


From the website: The best way to determine if the ANSI standard requirement has been met by the shoe manufacture is to look for the %26quot;ANSI Z41.1%26quot; marking in the shoe.
Reply:i%26#039;m a waitress and have to by non slip shoes...trust me, i%26#039;d rather be wearing cuter shoes than the %26quot;approved%26quot;ones. I just bought a pair of shoes at Payless Shoe Source (they%26#039;re called Cross Trekkers) and they felt like I bought them already broken in! Plus, my store gave me a discount cuz i work @ a restaurant. Yeah they hurt a little bit, but just for like 1 day. and I%26#039;m picky about my shoes...this is the only pair of %26quot;shoes%26quot; i own. I wish I could wear heels to work! Hope this helps ya out :-}